Dress code, tutoring and community engagement discussions emerge as top items during Parent Teachers Organization meeting

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The March 14 Parent Teachers Organization meeting at Healthy Start Academy was packed with important information and discussion.

Interim Principal Marc Willis began the meeting by welcoming parents and guardians. He alerted everyone that students must be held accountable for appropriate student behavior that follows the Academy’s Code of Conduct.  What’s more, students must wear the appropriate uniform each day. When a student violates policy, Mr. Willis added, then that student has to be disciplined accordingly.

​Mr. Willis introduced Mr. Jacob Lerner and Ms. Debra Duncan from the city of Durham.  Mr. Lerner and Ms. Duncan work with the Community Engagement Division and provide resources for Durham citizens related to Neighborhood Improvement and other resource services.  Ms. Duncan introduced parents to the Durham Care Network with more than 1,200 resources for parents and children. For more information about Community Engagement or the Durham Care Network, parents are encouraged to contact Mr. Lerner at 919-452-9846.

​Faculty member Ms. Maureen Bailey provided an overview of our current Little Caesar Pizza Fundraiser. Parents are urged to participate. If you order online, please enter this Fundraiser ID#: 328577​.

Meanwhile, Ms. Kimberly Kelchner talked about Pennies for Postage and requested the help of all parents to make this fundraising service project successful.

​Mrs. Aronda Hill, Director of Operations, then opened the floor for discussion, questions and answers.

Topics Covered:

  • There is a bilingual, ESL faculty position opening at the school.
  • Updates on school leadership and plans were discussed, and parents would appreciate ongoing information on Administration activities.
  • Parents said they would appreciate updates soon on the after-school tutoring program.
  • ​Parents said they would appreciate tutoring assistance for parents, specifically in the elementary math area.
  • Parents would like more parents to take an active role in their child’s education and become more involved in school activities, including classroom academics. Meanwhile, many parents want to come to school and help in the classroom but want tools/assistance to resolve language barriers.

​Mr. Willis encouraged parents to come into the school because there were always volunteers needed. He encouraged them to see the office staff if they would like to volunteer.

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