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FOX 50 Family Fest has been cancelled

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Due to the increased chance of heavy rain on Saturday, the FOX 50 Family Fest has been cancelled. Between now and October 11, you...   Read More

Did you know we have a Spanish fort?

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Want to know something interesting? We invite you to read about our Spanish fort! Located five miles north of Morganton, the fort was part...   Read More

National Hispanic Heritage Month

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Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15. We learn about the stories of American citizens whose ancestors...   Read More

Happy Constitution Day

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Today, we recognize the anniversary of the nationÂ’s constitution. In the summer of 1787, delegates convened in Philadelphia to create “a more perfect union”...   Read More

EOG Academy boosts proficiency

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Students who struggled with their end-of-grade tests this year benefited from our EOG Academy, June 15 through June 29. The EOG Academy supplemented reading,...   Read More

Summer Academy started July 6

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Healthy Start Academy currently is hosting its Annual Summer Academy which features two FREE exciting summer academic camps, Monday, July 6 – Thursday, July...   Read More

More than 60 students receive diplomas

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Pastor Reginald Boney, a native of Durham, first encouraged 47 kindergartners and then 15 8th grade graduates to march toward a bright future. The...   Read More

Meet our new principal

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WeÂ’re delighted to announce that Anthony Rivera-Chalmers, Ed.D. is our new principal/superintendent. Dr. Rivera-Chalmers was interim principal of Montefiore Special School in Chicago where...   Read More